Men in white shirts

This series is a self portrait both by association and by opposition. By association because all the men are known to me: They belong to my personal or professional circle.  And by opposition because they are what I am not: men.

The white shirts work as a uniform. All the men are given the same simple dress code to homogenize them, and, what actually happens is that the differences between them emerge more clearly.

But the shirts have another mission. I place the subjects before backgrounds chosen as carefully as they have been. I am aware that, as soon as there is a person in the picture, they completely grab the viewer’s attention. Therefore I take advantage of the white shirts and use them as a sort of canvas for the background to invade and, that way try and regain some of the lost attention.

Another aspect of the work is the title of each portrait. It has to be a profession, occupation and/or training. The men choose the title of their own portrait.

The ‘labels’ that the men voluntarily give themselves, on the one hand, examine the prejudices of the viewer as to what men should look like according to their profession. And on the other, they put together an X-ray of a social background of the XXI Century.

This series is now complete with its 110 portraits.

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Men in white shirts
Photographer 3
Men in white shirts
Bus Driver
Men in white shirts
Artist, Author and Curator
Architect 3
Retired Technical Engineer
Technical Agricultural Engineer
Artist 7
History of Art University Lecturer
Retired Aeronautical Engineer
Curator 2
Photographer 1
Architect 4
Writer 3